On a Roll

Mission:  Labour ward QECH Bathroom Upgrade
What’s the big picture?

Sometimes it’s the simple things that save lives – things we take for granted – like running water, a bar of soap and a clean drain. It’s the first defence against infection.

What did we do?

Just before Christmas 2015, Ammalife worked with Chira Fund and the Lady Fatemah Charitable Trust to completely renovate the decrepit drains and plumbing on Labour Ward. New mothers and staff now have working toilets and running water – a simple but essential intervention to tackle infection.

What’s next?

We need to make sure that there is always soap and – importantly – toilet paper for new mothers to use. Just 9p will buy the toilet paper and soap a new mother needs during her hospital stay.

Ammalife’s #onaroll campaign isn’t glamorous but it couldn’t be more important. Please help us guarantee the supply of toilet paper and soap for new mothers to ensure they retain their dignity at a very vulnerable time of their lives, please donate today! Or if you’d prefer to give a regular gift to this campaign, you can complete our special #onaroll Standing Order form.

Thanks so much for your assistance. The condition of toilets and bathrooms in our labour ward has really improved. We really appreciate it

Edith Tewesa, Midwife on Labour ward QECH